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Case Study - React Computer Partnership


Company: React Computer Partnership

Director/s: Francis Pledger, Richard Pledger, Alan Pledger

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Could you tell us about your company?

React Computer Partnership was formed in 1997. We started the company because we all had a desire to run a business where we could provide the level of service we all agreed should be the cornerstone of any organisation.

The three of us have always enjoyed working together as like-minded people and building something tangible that proves our initial thoughts were correct. The company provides IT services and business solutions to organisation throughout East Anglia, and beyond.

Which funding opportunity did you engage with the Business Engagement and Entrepreneurship Team on?

Innovation Bridge

How did you find out about funding opportunities?

Through a Growth Hub Adviser.

What challenges did your business face before accessing the funding?

We were looking to extend our services into a new area, and needed help and guidance with relevant skill levels, qualifications, and marketing.

What funding did you access as part of Innovation Bridge?

20 hours of Academic Expertise

How has the funding benefited your business and would you recommend it to other businesses?

The funding allowed us to refine our initial thoughts into something tangible, and gave us access to skills and knowledge we did not possess within the organisation.

Using the Engagement and Entrepreneurship team is certainly worthwhile. Even if you only use it as a sounding board you'll get a different point of view that will undoubtedly create new ideas and identify any shortcomings. 

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