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Care Leavers Bursary 2021-22

Students starting at University of Suffolk in academic year 2021-22 who are living in, or have previously lived in, local authority care, could be eligible for a Care Leavers Bursary. The start of an academic year varies and are in line with the course start month Successful applicants will receive a £500 bursary in each academic year of study (dependent on successful progression and still meeting eligibility criteria). Bursary is assessed every year.

To be eligible for the Care Leavers Bursary 2021-22, you must meet all of the following criteria:

· Be a new student to University of Suffolk in 2021-22. Students who have previously studied at the University will not be eligible.
· Be studying full time towards a Foundation/Bachelor or Integrated Master’s degree
· Be paying tuition fees of £8,220 (Foundation degree) or £9,250 (Bachelor’s/Integrated Master’s degree)
· Be in the first year of your course
· Have lived in Local Authority Care and been assessed as a Care Leaver by Student Loan Company
· Be living in the UK (EU/Overseas students are not eligible for this bursary)
· Be in continued attendance on the course on which you enrolled at the date of payment