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UoS Bursary 22/23

The University of Suffolk offers a bursary for students in the academic year 2022-23. The start of an academic year varies and are in line with the course start month. The Application Form will be available 3 months prior to course start date. The applications close some months post the start date (See Page 2), at this point all applications will be considered up to the deadline date. 

Successful applicants will receive a £500 bursary in each academic year of study – maximum of 3 years (dependent on successful progression and still meeting eligibility criteria at the payment date). Bursary is assessed every year.

To be eligible for the Bursary 2022 Entry, you need to meet all the following criteria:

•    Be a new student to the University of Suffolk in 2022-23. Students who have previously studied at the University will not be eligible.
•    Be in the first year of your course.
•    Be studying full-time or part-time (studying at least 50% of the Full Time Equivalent) towards a Foundation/bachelor’s degree or Integrated Master's degree.
•    Be paying tuition fees of £8,220 (Foundation degree), £9,250 (Bachelor’s/Integrated Master’s degree), £11,100 (Accelerated degree) or £6,618 (HND/HNC) – pro rata for part time students.
•    Be assessed by Student Loans Company (SLC) as having household income of £25,000 or less as at the application closing date.
•    Have been assessed by the University as a “Home” fee paying student (Overseas students are not eligible for this bursary).
•    Be in continued attendance on the course on which you enrolled as at the date of payment
•    Have made a means-tested Student Finance application by the bursary closing date, with the University of Suffolk as the chosen institution, and given consent to the sharing of financial details. Failure to do this will result in the University of Suffolk being unable to verify students' household income.
•    Have no outstanding debt
•    There will be no backdated payments.
•    Students who are eligible for the Alumni Postgraduate Loyalty Scheme will not be eligible for this bursary.

For new undergraduate students in 2022-23 who are Asylum-Seekers , eligibility criteria and the application is available at Asylum-Seekers Support.