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Budgeting for a summer holiday


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You might be thinking about booking your summer holidays, but you might also be thinking it’s a bit pricey. There’s a few things you can do to dodge some of the extra holiday prices, save, and still have a great time! Here’s my top tips.

Get a job

Think about getting yourself a job over the summer. That way, you can use the money you earn there to get yourself a good holiday at the end of the summer break. The perfect way to get ready for the next semester!

Pick the right time

Getting a cheap holiday is all about the timing. Don’t go at the end of July or August; these are the school holidays and the most expensive times. I’ve found that the end of June and first couple of weeks of July are the best times. Even better, this is always the best weather, if last year is anything to go by!

Shop around

Don’t just go with the same airline or same hotel chain you always go with. Look at different airlines and be willing to move your dates a few days earlier or later to get the best deal. Keep up-to-date for when airlines are having flash sales; you might find yourself bagging a £10 flight!


Always save over the year. Start in September; you’ll only need to save a small amount each month to get a good holiday out of it. Set a plan and stick to it; don’t let that money disappear on unnecessary things!


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