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From Brighton to Ipswich



Working and studying at the University for the past three years has given me so many opportunities to meet new people and work with so many departments. It’s great to talk to different people about my experiences here and talk to them about how I ended up in Ipswich. When people find out I’m from Brighton, they almost always say “why would you want to move from Brighton to Ipswich?” They’re so shocked that I would move away from such a lively town.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Brighton and I love going back to visit and seeing my friends and all my favourite places. But I also love Ipswich and everything Suffolk has to offer. It’s such a difference and I love to explore all the new places that people recommend to me.

Choosing Suffolk as my university came to be quite an easy decision in the end. I knew Ipswich well from having friends up here and it became a choice after looking through my UCAS options. After visiting an Open Day and seeing how small and friendly it was here, my decision was made. My interview went really well and I had an offer before I was even home.

I was so lucky to have known people in Ipswich and have friends here because the move and the transition to university is a bit daunting. Although I made new friends at uni from my classes and societies, I had a support network in place already.

I’ve also loved exploring Suffolk and seeing what it has to offer. There are loads of things to do in and around Ipswich whatever the weather. Recently, I’ve enjoyed playing pool at Bears which is really close for me and I always love a trip to Woodbridge, especially in the warmer months. Going to Felixstowe always reminds me of being at home, but also looking over the Waterfront reminds me of our local marina at home.

I’ve loved my time so far in Ipswich and I really hope I’ll be able to stay here after I graduate in June. There’s still so many places to see and I’ve made new friends here who I wouldn’t want to leave so soon. It’s going to be interesting over the next few months to see how it all works out.


Image by piviso from Pixabay 

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