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Breaking out of your comfort zone


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Being a first year at university can make you feel alone in a big crowd, especially if you’re a bit of an introvert. Starting university is about breaking out of your comfort zone, trying new things and meeting new people. Freshers' Week gives you a chance to do that, but there’s also lots of ways to break out of your comfort zone when you start uni.

Starting a conversation

I’ve said it many times before, but I’ll say it again. Almost everyone will be in the same boat as you and won’t know anyone. This is a really easy way to start a conversation. While you’re waiting for your lecture to start, chat to people. Ask them where they’re from, what made them choose the course, are they living in halls? There’s so many ways to start a conversation and the people on your course will know you for the next three years, so it’s a good way to start getting to know people.

Joining a social event

During Freshers', the SU will be putting on lots of events for you to get to know people. But there will also be the chance to get to know people through events put on by societies and sports teams. These are like mini families with shared interests who will have plenty of events on throughout the year.


Flatmates give you the perfect opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and make friends. Get to know each other by having a shared meal, going out somewhere or having a film night. As you’re going to live with them for the next year, it's worth getting to know each other.


Watch the video below from our SU President and Vice President for tips on making friends and stepping out of your comfort zone.


Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

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