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Bootcamp Programme

Thinking about freelancing or setting up your own business?  Or do you need some valuable practical experience to add to your CV? 

The Entrepreneurs Forge Bootcamps will give you an amazing opportunity to collaborate with other students, graduates and local businesses through a programme of workshops, activities and mentor support.

Offered in a Bootcamp style where you'll work together on real-life projects and you'll have the opportunity to connect with commercial clients - which could even turn into employment opportunities when the time is right.

The sessions are designed and delivered by the Careers, Employability and Enterprise team with external speakers, industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs - those who can talk you through their journey to setting up a business or working as a freelancer. 

Having entrepreneurial skills can be highly sought after by potential employers looking for graduates to bring ideas and innovation to their business. 

On completion of this programme, you’ll walk away with: 

  • Your personalised plan to realise your entrepreneurial goals 

  • Tools, frameworks, and practices to help you navigate post-pandemic challenges  

  • Fantastic experience to add to your CV / LinkedIn profile and help ace those interviews

  • A self-reflective understanding of your unique abilities which is invaluable when applying for graduate positions or working out your own business plans

  • A network of like-minded students and recent graduates 

  • The opportunity to pitch for a £500 microgrant to support setting up a business!

This programme is for you if: 

  • You are thinking about working as a freelance

  • You’ve got an idea for new business or are already running your own business 

  • You want to gain confidence in your unique abilities as an intrapreneur (innovative employee) or entrepreneur 

  • You want to develop your business, and navigate post-pandemic challenges 

Programme outline 

Module 1: Introductions, overview and icebreakers 

Reflect on your expectations and key challenges  

Module 2: Starting out – what’s your idea? 

Understand how to build on your idea and set up a business  

Module 3: What is an Intrapreneur? 

Acknowledge your existing entrepreneurial abilities 

Module 4: Know your customers 

Understand the Three Rings of Customer Service 

Module 5: Health, well-being and resilience strategies

Learn useful tools and techniques to support your health, well-being and resilience 

Module 6: Pitching your ideas  

Practice your pitch and develop your presentation skills  

Module 7: Structures and Finance  

Find out how to put the right structures into place with expertise from chartered accountants and solicitors  

Module 8: Pulling it all together   

Present your ideas to the Mini MBA cohort 

Module 9: CV Builder 

Learn useful CV techniques and interview skills 

Programme Leaders 

Prof. Gurpreet Jagpal, Pro Vice-Chancellor  

Business and Entrepreneurship, University of Suffolk 

Heidi Love Games Hub Manager 

Business Engagement, Careers and Entrepreneurship, University of Suffolk 

Sonia Brito Careers and Employability Adviser  

Business Engagement, Careers and Entrepreneurship, University of Suffolk 

For any queries please email the Entrepreneurs Forge team on

“We’ve learned a lot about the business aspect of making a game, not just the creative process. We now have knowledge of how to deal with contracts and all the legal stuff which wasn’t a strong point for me.​” 

Bradley ​Smith​, BA (Hons) Computer Games Design, Class of 2016​ 

Founder of Miracle Tea 


“I’ve been part of large games studios, started my own business and was a freelancer. The skills I got in uni; resilience, teamwork, negotiation, and the contacts I made as a student helped me each step of the way.” 

Chris Filip​, BA (Hons) Computer Games Design, Class of 2014​ 

Founder of Game Anglia 

Dates: Course start Feb 2022

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Location: The Atrium, University of Suffolk

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Fees: the programme is FREE

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