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Best alternative places to study in Ipswich



We’re getting back into routines which means having to study, do pre-reading and write assignments. I have to move around a lot when I’m studying because I get bored of the same place after a couple of hours. You might think your room or the library are the best places to study, but there’s a few alternatives I can think of that might make for a nice change.

SU Social Space

The new Social Space run by the Students' Union recently opened in the Library Building. This will be a perfect space for some group study or individual study if you don’t mind a bit of background noise. Coffee is available right next to you and some study snacks are well within reach. If you need some books, the library is just upstairs, so it really is the perfect place to study.

Ipswich parks

Around campus and around Ipswich, there’s lots of parks, many of which are quite quiet during the week. Get outside and study in the sun (when the weather improves) and it will definitely reduce your stress levels.

Ipswich Library

If you want a different place, but somewhere still quiet, go to Ipswich Library in town. You’ll get the space and silence to study but no distractions in place. You might even find some books to help you write your essays.


We’re really lucky on the Waterfront to be around so many cafes which are perfect places to study. The University cafes get quieter in the afternoon, so you’re sure to find a table for your books and laptop. Once again, a coffee and a snack are really close. On the Waterfront, the relaxing views will help to de-stress you as you write your assignments and do your pre-reading.

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