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Becoming a student ambassador


Student Ambassador working an event

At your open day, you might have seen lots of our Student Ambassadors around answering questions and taking you on tours. The Student Ambassador Scheme is open to all our students studying at our Ipswich campus and there’s plenty of reasons why you should become one.

You’re the best person to answer questions

When students come to an open day, a staff member will be able to answer academic and support related questions. But questions about student life, how much work you will have to do, how to make friends, what societies there are and plenty more, a Student Ambassador will be able to answer for you. Prospective students appreciate having these current students to talk to and address all their worries about starting in a new place.

You can choose your hours

There’s no set hours for you to work. Instead, you will sign up to events that suit your time and you can work these around your lectures and deadlines. This also gives you the freedom to choose which events you want to work. If you prefer giving talks to high school students, then you can choose to work those events.

You will develop skills

Having a job at university shows employers that you can balance different things on your plate. It also gives you a chance to tell future employers that you developed skills such as talking to large groups of people, teamwork and working under time pressure.

You’ll meet lots of new people

Not only prospective students, but you’ll network with staff members and meet new friends on the scheme. At an event, there will be a couple of you so it’s a chance to work together and make new friends on different courses and different years.

You can share your journey

Over the three years that you’ll be a Student Ambassador, you’ll share your journey of university and how you’ve developed over time. It’s a great chance for you to reflect on how far you’ve come and what’s changed since you started.

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