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Why become a Supporter of the University?

Philanthropic support allows us to expand and grow our already influential, important and transformational work. 

The UK Higher Education sector has a long history of receiving financial support from generous benefactors and these donations have allowed universities to achieve advances in research and education that would not otherwise have been possible.

Now in a very different funding environment we want to ensure that we can continue to offer a fulfilling and life changing experience to our students and support our communities as widely as possible, creating a foundation that will continue to make an impact for many years to come.

The University of Suffolk strive to excel in meeting the expectations of our students; driving a spirit of exploration, innovation, creativity, as well as instilling an entrepreneurial spirit. We look to actively serve our communities, to grow our connections and expand our reach.

We welcome our supporters into our community and hope that their financial gift will be the start of long term mutually beneficial relationships with each of them.