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Our Alumni

Studying at Suffolk


'Doing English at the University of Suffolk has been one of the best decisions of my life. The content is so wide and varied that it has something for everyone. I've been amazed at the huge range of texts I have studied and have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to examine the English language, as well as fiction and poetry, and even to try some creative writing!'

Donna Doling, BA (Hons) Graduate

'It's a really versatile course. The teachers are fantastic and there's lots of opportunity for discussion. I've been able to study all kinds of things; literature and language but also philosophy, film, media, even computer games. It's been really fun and has helped to boost my confidence.'

Ben Turpin, BA (Hons) Graduate 



'I have found the diversity of the course stimulating, challenging and very enjoyable. Being able to cover such varied areas through all three years of the degree has provided me with an extremely rounded study of English, which I believe will be significantly more useful in the workplace.'

Amy Witham, BA (Hons) Graduate

'The course covered both language and literature, which meant that the modules studied were varied and fascinating; ranging from The Canterbury Tales and The Great Gatsby in the first year to discourse analysis and autobiography in the second and third years.'

Cara Moran, BA (Hons) Graduate

'The course provides a great balance between language and literature, theory and practice. I have found the ability to choose modules that appealed to me and the online resources available really beneficial.'

Alyson Tipping, BA (Hons) Graduate



Teaching and learning


'Throughout the entirety of my course, teaching was always of the highest standard. Lectures were always hugely enjoyable and varied and help was always on hand, if I should find myself stuck during my independent studies.'

Andrew Smith, BA (Hons) Graduate

'I thoroughly enjoyed studying English at Suffolk. The lecturers were all extremely friendly, approachable and supportive and the wide variety of modules also enabled me to tailor my choices towards my career path and my newfound love of linguistics.'

Gemma Jamieson, BA (Hons) Graduate

'Staff are absolutely fantastic. They make you feel at home, especially as I'm an international student. I feel really welcome. When I came, I didn't know anybody, but it was great because people were really friendly.'

Jessica Krishan, BA (Hons) Graduate

'It's very much an easy mix. I felt very accepted by all the students - and some are mid-twenties, some are young mums, some are 18, some are late 40s ... we all laugh together and understand and don't understand together!'

Jules Bell, BA (Hons) Graduate



Graduate destinations


'With helpful and very experienced lecturers on hand to guide and support you throughout the three years, I can wholeheartedly recommend studying English at Suffolk.  I am now a qualified primary school teacher, about to be put in charge of my first class of 7 and 8 year olds. The confidence and independence I gained has put me in good stead for this challenge and I hope to be able to share my love and passion for English with the children I work with over the coming years.'

Cara Moran, BA (Hons) Graduate

'Leaving Suffolk was a daunting prospect, but I soon discovered my hard-earned degree placed me favourably in the world of employment, finding a role in an award winning PR firm before moving on to pursue a career in the video games industry. My work has taken me to the BBC, Heart Radio and more recently, Official PlayStation Magazine. I believe my experience here has profoundly influenced my success.'

Andrew Smith, BA (Hons) Graduate

'Since graduating from Suffolk with a First Class Honours degree, I have been awarded a postgraduate scholarship to continue my studies at the University of East Anglia.  My interest in life writing was piqued by the autobiography module offered to third-year students here, and I started an MA course in biography and creative non-fiction. I'm hoping it will lead to publication and the opportunity for further study at PhD level. Thank you!'

Charly Peacock, BA (Hons) Graduate

'When I finished my degree, I realised that I loved the world of education and now I teach English and Media and all those things that I studied during my degree programme. The degree changed the way I look at the world entirely. It made me realise that I could make a living out of doing the things that I really enjoy, and for that I will always be grateful.' 

Steve Ransom, BA (Hons) Graduate


Join us


Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in writing and journalism, editing, arts management, teaching and consulting. Some have started their own businesses in areas like copy editing, public relations and freelance writing while others have gone on to postgraduate study.

Our current student body is extremely diverse including both young and mature students, UK, European and international students. We welcome entrants from varied occupational and personal backgrounds which help to create rich dialogues in learning contexts. For students with non-traditional educational backgrounds, motivation and interest in English are extremely important. If you have started a degree in English elsewhere but had to leave without finishing, you may be able to complete your studies here. If you are interested in studying with us, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us or visit us at our next open day.



Dr Antonella Castelvedere, Course Leader


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