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BA (Hons) Architecture Portfolio Guidance

When you apply for our BA (Hons) Architecture course, we ask you to attend an interview on campus or remotely.

This is your opportunity to meet us, and view our facilities and location while demonstrating your potential. You will also need to prepare a relevant portfolio and 500-word personal statement of interest.

Your portfolio – physical or digital – should provide us with visual evidence for your potential to succeed on this course. The content of your portfolio may include, but is not limited to, a selection of:

  • 2D technical drawings (hand-drawn or CAD generated).
  • Perspectives and axonometrics (hand-drawn or 3D modelled).
  • Sketches and free hand drawing using a range of media
  • Graphic design project work
  • Design-related production

We examine each application on its own merit. We look for proven interest in the subject, talent and potential to succeed so please do not hesitate to include unconventional elements in your portfolio – this can be documentation of a design object or model you have made.

Please ensure that your portfolio reflects your skills gained so far, as well as your potential to develop them under guidance. It is also important that your portfolio is informative, coherent and selective, showing that you are able to make critical decisions and you are aware of the quality of your work.

You may include finished projects or projects in progress that you are particularly proud of. The physical portfolio can be an A2 folder or A3 journal, or contain a combination of elements, carefully selected and prioritised. If we ask for an e-portfolio, this will usually be a PowerPoint or PDF file, comprising elements mentioned above and transferred into digital format, and properly annotated.

It is very important that your portfolio contains the following information:

Your name and details of the contents (i.e. titles, annotation, etc)

  • Relevant work that inspires you
  • Work that you have developed and feel proud of
  • A range of your skills, including technical ability, observation, mapping, creativity and analysis
  • Both 2D and 3D work, appropriately documented through drawings and imagery
  • Any accomplishment or award you have received
  • Any group projects that you have taken part in.

We do not request a specific size or volume of a portfolio, but we normally expect applicants to show 15-30 images of creative, experimental or finalised design work. We also welcome digital portfolios or show-reels via Flickr, Behance, Isuu, Vimeo, or similar, as well as your personal blog.