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Autumn craft ideas



Autumn is here and it’s become really chilly outside! Thankfully, we still have lots of blue sky and sunny days so it’s perfect to take the kids out to the park on a weekend or after school. It’s fun for them to kick the football around, play in the playground and also find things to make crafts with.

Here’s some of my favourites (featuring lots of pinecones)!

Pinecone hedgehogs

These will make great autumn decorations around your house and will keep the kids occupied for an hour or so. All you need is pinecones, felt, googly eyes, glue and scissors.

Put the pinecone on a side that doesn’t roll. Cut out a small triangle for the face of your hedgehog and stick on the eyes. Glue it on to the front of the hedgehog and allow it to dry completely. Easy!

Christmas pinecones

You can get your Christmas decorations started early with this craft. All you need is white paint and water (and of course, pinecones).

Mix 500ml of water with 2 tablespoons of paint. You want a really thin layer of paint for your pinecones, so this is the best way. Dip the pinecones in the mixture and turn it over a few times to make sure the paint is covering the cone. Leave it to dry on paper. Once you have lots of pinecones like this, you can make some strings, tree decorations or on a wreath.

Leaf wreath

This one is slightly more complex, but with beautiful results. Pick up some autumn leaves that don’t have holes in them and with little damage.

Put them in the microwave for a few seconds to get the water out and them iron them to make them flat. Next, cut out a circle (as big as you want your wreath to be) with a hole in the middle. Work from the top and staple the pressed leaves onto the cardboard. When the wreath is covered in leaves, use glue to tick any leaves onto the visible staples. Use string or twine to hang the wreath.

Glitter leaves

If you’re looking for a craft for toddlers or little ones, this is perfect.

Get your autumn leaves and cover them in glue. Sprinkle as much glitter as you want on them for a cute decoration. Keep a piece of paper underneath to catch any excess glitter and use it on the next one.

Conker animals

These usually just require googly eyes and toothpicks. There’s lots of different animal conkers to choose from, so find your favourite here.


Image by Beverly Buckley from Pixabay 

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