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Attempting the cloud coffee trend



If, like myself, you seem to find yourself scrolling mindlessly through Instagram for longer than you would like, then I am sure you have the new viral coffee trend floating around the internet that everyone is trying. Why? 1. It’s fun 2. We have loads to time to experiment and 3. Who doesn’t like coffee? That’s right, today I decided that it was time to try and make some Dalgona coffee (also known as cloud coffee due to its frothy nature).

Dalgona coffee has blown up thanks to the social media platform TikTok. The word ‘Dalgona’ is actually the name of a super sweet, thick and sugary toffee from South Korea which is fitting considering the nature of the drink. In terms of ingredients the drink is super easy to make but you will need an automated whisk or a lot of arm strength!


2 tbsp coffee

2 tbsp sugar

2 / 3 tbsp water

Milk (I used oat milk)

Ice (Optional)


1. Measure out quantities of coffee, sugar and water in a bowl, then whisk as quickly as you can. A lot of the recipes I read said it only took them 3 minutes hand whisking but on my first attempt it honestly took me nearer to 20 minutes. On my second attempt it took me around 10 minutes so a lot faster but it depends on how thick you want the foamy mixture.

2. Measure out the milk, fill your glass, mug or jar to about three quarters full of milk. If you want your coffee hot then warm the milk or if you want it cold then add ice.

3. Mix the milk and foam together and voila! You have made your coffee!

After making it twice, I would recommend experimenting with the quantities of the ingredients. Every recipe I found said to use tbsp but I found the coffee too sweet with that much sugar! I used tsp on my second attempt which was a lot nicer! Have you tried out this trend yet? Show us your attempts in the comments below!

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