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Approval, monitoring and review of partnership activity

Partnership activity represents an important aspect of the implementation of the University of Suffolk’s strategic plan, providing opportunities to widen participation in higher education, extend the academic portfolio and develop links with compatible institutions in regional, national and international arenas.

The University recognises its responsibility for the quality and academic standards of all arrangements delivered in partnership with others, in accordance with the expectations, practices, advance and guidance contained within the UK Quality Code.

Information on existing partnerships can be found on our partnerships page.

Institutional review of existing partners

Existing partner institutions are subject to review at institutional level on a maximum of a five year cycle, in accordance with the procedure for the institutional review of University of Suffolk partner institutions. The review process serves to ensure that the partner institution remains suitable for the conduct of higher education programmes leading to University of Suffolk awards. It also provides an opportunity for both the University and the relevant partner to reflect on whether the partnership continues to operate effectively and whether there is scope for future enhancement of collaborative working.

Find out more about institutional review:

Partner course validation and re-approval

The University's procedure for the validation of new courses at partner institutions outlines our approach to the approval of new partner courses. More information (including forms and templates) can be found on the course validation page.

Partner courses are subject to review and re-approval on a maximum of a five year cycle, in accordance with the University's procedure for the re-approval of existing courses. More information (including forms and templates) can be found on the course re-approval page.

Ongoing monitoring of partner provision

The University of Suffolk adopts a continuous, risk-based approach to monitoring the quality and academic standards of provision within the University and its partner institutions, as outlined in the procedure for risk-based monitoring and enhancement (or RiME). More information can be found on the RiME page.

To support University monitoring activity, partner institutions are normally required to complete an annual monitoring report (AMR) for each course or groups of cognate courses delivered in partnership with the University (see AMR template), which is submitted to the relevant Partnership Management Group and the University's Quality Committee for consideration. Regional partner colleges (East Coast College, Suffolk New College and West Suffolk College) alternatively complete an annual college RiME report.