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Annelie Harvey




Annelie is a senior lecturer and Deputy Head of the School of Psychology and Sport Science at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). Annelie joined ARU in 2015 following completion of her PhD at the University of Essex.

Annelie's research is inspired by the 'Belief in a Just World' theory, which posits that people have an inherent motivation to believe that the world is a fair and just place where everyone gets what they deserve. Annelie's work considers the different reactions people exhibit and how these reactions operate. For example, she has investigated the level of processing that reactions to victims operate at (Harvey, Callan & Matthews, 2014), how different types of justice reasoning are moderated by religiosity (Harvey and Callan, 2014) and more recently, if people are biased in perceiving just-world consistent information (Harvey et al., 2017).