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Our Alumni Community is formed of thousands of graduates. Graduates who have been where you have been, walked in your shoes, been there and done that.  

The Alumni Blog is an opportunity for our graduates to share what they have learned; helping you, our students, to understand how to navigate uncertainty, find your potential and achieve your goals.  Here you will find a variety of blog posts on things which matter to you.  Our Alumni are asked "What would they have liked to have been told when they were students?"

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Things I wish I knew when I was a student

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Eleanor, BA(Hons) Business Management, Class of 2020

Tips and Advice on Work Placements and Freelancing

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Volunteering, a path to self-development

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Cami, BA(Hons) Event and Tourism Management, Class of 2020

"A volunteering role which helped me develop both personally and professionally."

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Tool, Tips and Tricks for Students and Grads

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Emilia BA(Hons) Dance, Class of 2021

"Practical tools I used during my time as a student and things I have discovered since graduating"

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Self Care for new Graduates

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Emilia, BA(Hons) Dance,Class of 2021

Here are some things to expect after graduating and how to face the new challenges of 'adulting'.

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When I grow up, I want to be.....

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Amy, BA(Hons) Business, Class of 2015

"Don't think that whatever you said you want to be when you grow up is the only option"

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Foodie inspiration for all occasions

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Emilia, BA(Hons) Dance, Class of 2021

"I love food!, Here are some of the places I would recommend for good quality and good value"

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