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When first going to university it can seem daunting to initially connect and make friends, so today I am sharing with you my tips for making friends at university and ways you can stay connected in times like these when your friends are all over the country!

Join a society

Joining a society is an easy way to meet people with common interests. At Suffolk, there is a wide range of societies already but there is also the ability to create a new society if there isn’t one that already appeals to you! The SU are always sharing society’s events and details to both their website and social media pages too, so if you are unsure where to begin then keep any eye on the information they share. The easiest way to ‘browse’ the different societies though is through the Freshers’ or ReFreshers’ fair, where all the different societies have a stall. You can meet the committee and find out what they are about and when they typically meet.

Attend Freshers' events / events organised by your SU

Another easy way to meet new people and make friends is to attend Freshers' events or in general attend events organised by your SU. The Students' Union organise social events throughout the year from food nights, to weekly exercise classes and many of these events are running in some shape or form digitally at the moment, which is really beneficial for connecting with other students when we are unable to do so in person!

Online games / quizzes / book clubs

You have probably seen a lot of people at the moment are having virtual games nights over video call; this is an easy and fun way to stay in contact with your friends who are located across the country! Make quizzes to share with one another, play virtual card games, create a virtual book club or even just have a good catch up. It is so important for your mental wellbeing to connect with people, and having a laugh over a video call can be a great way to boost your mood and have some fun.

Write each other letters

A fun and simple idea, why not write letters to your friends or even send them a little present! My friends and I have been sending photos and postcards to each other and it always makes me smile to receive a hand written letter in the post, as it is so thoughtful and personal.

Make the most of every opportunity

This is easy to say now reflecting on the current situation, but it is so important to make the most of every opportunity that you are given as this can be a great way to not only meet new people but also grow closer to those you already know. When it is safe to return to our campus, hopefully we can all bound together (even if it is from a socially safe distance) and appreciate the little things a lot more than we once might have done!

I hope you all are staying safe and remember how important it is to start connected with one another in these unprecedented times. If you need support, remember that the University is still here digitally to help you through when times are tough.


Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

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