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How many times have you noticed when someone’s feeling down? It’s usually pretty easy with our close friends; we can see when they’re a bit less talkative, not smiling as much and we very quickly ask what’s wrong and try to cheer them up. It’s so good to have friends there for you, but how often do we also recognise our own feelings and find ways to cope with them?

On days that we find a bit more difficult, it’s easy to blow off feelings like stress, sadness or annoyance and put them down to having a poor night’s sleep or deadlines coming up. However, to be able to really cope with them, those feelings need to be recognised and dealt with in a healthy manner. Of course, we all have days that we struggle more than others. Maybe you just need to treat yourself and practice some self-care. That will look different for each of us, but some ideas could be:

  • Facemasks and movies
  • Coffee by yourself or with a friend
  • Curl up with a book on the sofa or out in the park
  • Playing games or doing puzzles
  • Workout at the gym, pool or at home
  • Meditation and using self-help apps

Even if you do have deadlines coming up, taking notice of your feelings is so important. So if you are feeling stressed out or tired, take a bit of time to have a break, get a proper nights sleep and see how much your performance improves the next day. It’s all about balance.

However, there are also times when we have to recognise more serious feelings within ourselves. When we’ve been feeling really stressed out, down, or upset for more than just a couple of days. A good first step with anything that you’re feeling is to talk to someone you trust. That could be a friend, parent, sibling or tutor, just to name a few. Getting the right help early on is also important, so being able to take notice of your own feelings will help you to manage them with the help of others.

There are also plenty of mental health charities to talk to and they can point you in the direction of services and advice. Mind is a great place to start, so check out their website for information, support and urgent help. Our own Student Services team also has wellbeing advisors and counsellors here to help you (even remotely/digitally!) and you can talk to them in complete confidence. 

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