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Times are tough. Admittedly, times are really tough. To put it into the simplest context, we are surviving a pandemic and currently leaving our third lockdown. It is hard to stay positive when you have been isolating from the world.

But whether the times are good or bad, every day is a good day to talk to someone and it is so important to stay connected with others. If you feel that you don’t know who to talk to, start with your close family or friends and work towards consistent and healthy communication. This can mean a five-minute chat once-a-day or a thirty-minute run down of your day. Then when you feel satisfied with the communication in your everyday life, start expanding your contact list and don’t forget about others in your life. Message a distant relative or an old friend, just to check up on them. We are all in the same boat, but some people may not have the courage to send off that text message saying “hey, how are you?”

If you’ve had enough of your phone, then don’t worry, shops and restaurants are opening back up. So, take a chance and invite a friend out for a meal or ask if your family wants to go shopping. You can go to a park or have a picnic, even the pubs and bars have opened! There are so many amazing opportunities and everyone will want an excuse to get out of the house. Just make sure that you all stay safe and follow the rules.

But why do I have to talk to people?

Well, you don’t have to talk to anyone, but there are so many reasons to call a loved one or text a friend. If you are scared to meet up with someone that is okay, just make sure you don’t leave yourself completely alone. There are many studies that show people who stay connected with friends and family, live a much happier life compared to those isolated. Check out this link for all the facts about the importance of friendships.

If you struggle talking to friends or even family, there are plenty of safe spaces for you to chat to strangers. These strangers are trained to listen, so you can talk without the fear of judgment. Contact MIND if you struggle with mental health or if you feel you can’t talk to friends or family. You will find an option that suits and accepts you.

Text your parents, invite out your best friend or phone a stranger. Just know that you are not alone.


Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay 

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