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All About You: A Level exam tips


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This post is part of our All About You series, focusing on wellbeing at university. 

The time of year most of us dread is almost upon us. Exam season is a really stressful time, as you work to get the grades to get into your first choice uni. However, it’s really important to look after your wellbeing during this period, so use these tips to help you through exam season. 


Don’t let exams take over your life

Around exam season, it’s normal to spend more time studying than usual, and that’s OK. But remember to do other things and occasionally take a day off. You can’t let you exams take over your life, so go and watch a movie, meet up with your friends, or go shopping. Whatever you chose to do, make sure it takes your mind off your exams and onto something that you enjoy. If you’re anything like me, be strict with yourself. It’s easy to let a break last several days!

Ask for help

Exams can make you feel down, stressed, and super tired. If it’s all getting too much, make sure you talk to someone. It can be a friend, parent, or someone at your school or college, but there will always be someone more than happy to listen. You wellbeing is always the most important during exam season, so always ask for help when you need it.

Reward yourself after each exam

If you have a couple of weeks of lots of exams, reward yourself after each one. Don’t come straight back home to studying; do something to relax first. Whatever you chose to do that helps you to unwind, it should be something you enjoy. You’ve just done a 2 hour exam; you deserve a reward! And find something to do to celebrate when you’ve done them all!

However, you do in your exams, it’s not the end of the world. Did your A Levels not go as expected? Think about applying to Suffolk through clearing. Find out more here.


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