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18 MAY 2020 - SARAH - OTHER

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It’s scary to think I’ll be graduating in a matter of months! But also very exciting as I enter the world of work and have more opportunities to develop my learning. I’m a firm believer in taking every opportunity; that’s the way that you keep learning. Whether you’re at university and learning something other than your usual lectures, or out in the workplace and getting new skills every day, it’s really important to keep learning. What’s the value of it?

Staying curious and improving your skills

Some of us with children will know the constant “why?” to almost everything that’s said. Sometimes it’s just to delay having to do some chores, but most of the time it’s genuine interest in something. We shouldn’t stop asking “why” as we get older, in fact, maybe we should ask it more often. Finding out things that we hadn’t thought about before, developing an interest in a certain area is important for well-rounded knowledge. It doesn’t always have to be relevant to your degree. You can learn so much from the local area, museums, and other people. You’ll find that this is where you will improve your skills. Taking on something completely different to my degree is one of the best decisions I ever made. I study Sociology, yet I work in Marketing at the University. Something completely irrelevant to my degree, yet it has helped me so much now that I am applying for jobs.

Your wellbeing

Staying curious and keeping your mind active is great for your wellbeing. You may develop an interest or hobby that lasts a lifetime and keeps yourself occupied from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Or it may be something that keeps changing as you learn more and more.

The value of going the extra mile

Doing something extra alongside your normal learning will set you apart from the crowd. Whether your learn new skills through being a Course Representative or being a trustee on a local charity, it is something that will enhance your CV and help you when you go out into the world of work. Having these extra skills are so important to employers and it shows them that you are willing to learn and develop.

What extra skills have you been able to learn over your time at uni? Do you feel as if it’s been valuable to you? Keep learning and keeping track of your achievements; they will come in useful one day!


Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

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