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Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to your overall health, enabling you to successfully overcome difficulties, achieve your full potential in life and get the most out of your journey. We all respond differently to stressors and situations in our life, whether or not we think of them as positive or negative experiences.

Being aware of how we feel and react can help us navigate the world and identify things we can do to encourage positive health and wellbeing. We provide a connected community to support you with this.

Six Steps to Positive Health and Wellbeing

Keep Learning

Keep Learning twiter

Ignite your curiosity and give something new a go. University is a great place to try out new things, like joining a club or society.

Be Active

Be active twitter

Being active has been shown to help reduce stress, anxiety and to lift moods. it can also help to boost self-esteem and can encourage clear and calm thinking.

Take Notice

Take Notice twitter

Taking notice means to focus your attention upon yourself and the world around you and how they affect you internally.


Connect twitter

We are social creatures and the relationships that you create and nurture in life provide social bonds that can give you a sense of purpose and belonging.

Food and Mood

Food + Mood twitter

What you eat can affect your mental wellbeing. Your diet affects your physical health but it is easy to overlook the impact it has on your mood.

Give to Others

Give To Others twitter

Giving can strengthen existing relationships and can help foster a more positive outlook. You could become a mentor to support other students.

Get Involved

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Competition - Win a Chromebook!

University is a great place to discover new passions, try new things and open your mind. If you stop striving to learn you’ll stop growing as a person.

Enter our Facebook competitions to win fantastic prizes! This week, win a Chromebook to help you with your studies! Find the post in our feed and answer a simple question for your chance to win.

Suffolk Life Mentor Scheme

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Health and Wellbeing Blog Posts

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Keep Learning

It’s scary to think I’ll be graduating in a matter of months! But also very exciting as I enter the world of work and have more opportunities to develop my learning. I’m a firm believer in taking every opportunity; that’s the way that you keep learning. 


Studying at Home

It’s been a strange couple of weeks, hasn’t it? Now that I’ve settled a bit more into the idea of studying from home, I’ve come up with five tips for being productive throughout it all.


Be Active

Keeping active is always important, not just at university. But while you’re at the University of Suffolk, it’s a great chance to get involved in some sports you may have never thought about before.