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Accredited Houses


* If you have any questions regarding how Covid-19 might affect your accommodation, please contact the accommodation provider direct.  See Suffolk Studentpad for their contact details.

There are a number of shared student houses within the accreditation scheme.  They can be found in various locations but all within walking distance of the Ipswich campus.  Most were previously family homes that have been converted to student houses; each house contains a shared bathroom, kitchen and social area, and typically have 4-5 bedrooms per house.  Each property is managed by the owner or a managing agent on their behalf.

These properties are available to students in any year of study (unless otherwise stated) but may be of particular interest to:

  • Continuing students
  • Students looking for more independent living
  • Student friendship groups looking to live together
  • Students on a budget
  • Students who do not wish to live in on-campus halls

Some properties may be located between the Ipswich campus and the Ipswich Hospital which may be of benefit to students on NHS placement at this location.

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