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How we can help you with accommodation

At the University of Suffolk you have the freedom to choose your accommodation.  However, if you do need help in making an informed decision about where you wish to live we can provide you with details about accommodation that we recommend. We can also provide you with information about tenancy agreements and other factors to help you make the right choice for you.

Recommended and Accredited Accommodation

The University of Suffolk does not own or manage the accommodation recommended to its students. Instead, it is provided by private landlords and property managers that we have a close working relationship with. Currently, recommended and accredited accommodation is only available on and around the Ipswich campus.

The University of Suffolk Accreditation Scheme has been established specifically for our students, to ensure they have access to accommodation that meets our levels of quality and safety.  All of the accommodation recommended by the University of Suffolk is surveyed by the local council to ensure that it meets our criteria. In this way we hope to remove some of the stress and anxiety of moving to a new town, and/or moving out of the family home for the first time. 

While the University of Suffolk can highlight trusted properties and providers, it is the student’s responsibility to assess the suitability based on their individual requirements.


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