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Accommodation Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your query below please contact the Infozone on 01473 338833, .  You will find our office on the ground floor of the Waterfront Building at the Ipswich campus.

How Does Accommodation Work at the University of Suffolk

How do I find out about accommodation?

Read through the information and advice on this website, and Suffolk Studentpad for information about on and off-campus accommodation we recommend.  Contact the landlord of any properties you are interested in to ask any specific questions you may have and to arrange a viewing of the property where possible.  We recommend researching more than one property in order to keep your options open.  Once you have made your choice, the landlord of that property can advise how to book your chosen room directly with them.


Does the University of Suffolk own and manage the accommodation?

The University of Suffolk does not own or manage any of the accommodation we recommend to students.  Instead, we work closely with local landlords and managing agents to recommend accommodation that meets our standards of quality and safety through our accreditation scheme.  We will only ever recommend landlords and properties that we know and trust.


What does Accreditation mean?

Accreditation is like a badge of excellence for off-campus accommodation to show that the University of Suffolk approves a property to be advertised to our students.  The local authority inspects the property to ensure it meets our standards of quality and safety before we will consider it suitable for our students.  We will only ever recommend properties we know and trust to you.

Whilst Athena Hall is not accredited by the University of Suffolk (as it is on-campus), it was built with our input and to the standards of the off-campus accreditation scheme.  It follows the National Code for assured accommodation from ANUK/Unipol.

If you want to know if a property is accredited by the University of Suffolk and know the address of the property, you can contact the Infozone on 01473 338833 / or come and see us in the Waterfront Building and we can confirm if that property is accredited for University of Suffolk students.  You can also check out Suffolk Studentpad to see if it is listed within the property search.


What is Suffolk Studentpad?

Suffolk Studentpad is our accredited off-campus accommodation portal.  Members of our accreditation scheme use this site to advertise their accommodation to, including prices, tenancy length, photo, property description and their contact details. 

You can use Suffolk Studentpad to search for live vacancies, set up property alerts to be notified when new properties matching your preferred criteria come online, and to find room-mates.  Search for accommodation by criteria that is important to you or browse everything available. 

Useful housing advice can also be found on Suffolk Studentpad.


Where is the accommodation?

At present we can only recommend accommodation in Ipswich.  Accommodation is found in various locations area the campus, but all properties are within easy walking distance or on good transport links.

Athena Hall is on-campus and situated next to the James Hehir Building at the south end of our campus.  AXO Suffolk is next door to the north end of the campus.  Spring Court is situated between the Ipswich campus and the Ipswich Hospital.  When using the Suffolk Studentpad search function, you can view the search results on a map which will show their location with respect to the Ipswich campus.


How do I contact the landlords to discuss their property/book a viewing?

Please see the Contact section on the Accommodation pages of our website for links through to the landlord’s contact details.

You will be dealing with the landlord direct to as any questions about their property, to arrange to view their property, and the make your booking when you have chosen the room that is right for you.


Can I still apply for accommodation if I live in the same town?

Yes.  There are no geographical restrictions on University of Suffolk Recommended and Accredited Accommodation.

Questions Before you Book

When should I start thinking about accommodation?

It is recommended that you look into accommodation once you have received an offer for your chosen course.  Landlords will typically take bookings for students starting a course in September from the November before, allowing you plenty of time to consider your options and make your decision.  Bookings for students starting a course in January/February are typically taken from the October before their course starts.

You may wish to delay booking a room until you know how much funding you will received from Student Finance England and can access your timetable, as your budget and length of course may influence your decision on which tenancy agreement is right for your needs.

Make sure you allow yourself enough time to view several properties, where possible, before you make your decision.  It is advisable to check any cancellation policies with the landlord before you book a room.  Only book a room when you are completely happy with the tenancy agreement, terms and conditions and are prepared to commit to the room.


University of Suffolk is my insurance choice – can I still book accommodation?

Look but don’t book!  You may find it useful to familiarise yourself with the accommodation in case you have a change of circumstances and will be studying at the University of Suffolk.  You are strongly advised not to book a room unless you will be studying with us.


I’m a January/February starter – what do I need to consider?

As a January/February (undergraduate) starter, your studies will begin in Semester 2 (we have 2 semesters per academic year), therefore you will likely be looking for accommodation for a Semester 2 only tenancy to take you from the start of your studies (Level 4) to the summer of your first year.  You would then be able to take a tenancy for the next full academic year (September – summer: Semesters 1 and 2) to cover the remainder of your Level 4 study and the first semester of your Level 5 study.  We recommend you start to contact the landlords of properties you are interested in from the October before you need the room, to allow landlords to get the September starters moved in and settled and so they can advise you of the vacancies they still have.


I am applying for a course through clearing – is it too late to find accommodation?

There may be accommodation still available for those applying through clearing; as demand for accommodation changes each year it can be difficult to predict.  It is advisable to make enquires with the landlord of the properties you are interested in once you have made an application for a degree with us.  Take a look at the accommodation pages for more information, and see the links to contact the landlords.


Can I view the accommodation?

We strongly recommend you view all of the accommodation options you are interested in wherever possible.  This will enable you to see the accommodation first hand to help you decide which room is right for you.  Viewings can be arranged direct with the landlord of the property.


Is same sex accommodation available?

Same sex accommodation may be available, subject to demand.  Please enquire direct with the landlord of the property or properties you are interested in. 


Can I get accommodation partway through the year?

If you decide you need accommodation after the start of the academic year, you may still be able to arrange accommodation for the rest of the academic year, subject to availability.  This could be useful if your circumstances change during the academic year.  Please note, landlords are unlikely to offer short-term accommodation for a few weeks, or a few days per week, but you could always try discussing your requirements with them to see if they can assist.  If not, you may wish to consider other alternatives such as B&Bs in the surrounding area (we have no feedback or experience of local B&Bs, therefore we do not have a recommended list to share with you).


Can you advise about accommodation at my NHS placement?

Students on an NHS course will be required to attend a clinical placement as part of the course. Depending on the course, you may be able to choose where your placement is, or give a list of preferred locations. Accommodation may be available at some placement locations; your tutors will be able to assist you with how to arrange this once your course has started. The Infozone does not assist with placement accommodation.

Some students will choose accommodation only in Ipswich and commute to their placement; some will take accommodation only at their placement and some will take both. Students are advised to look into the different options to see which one will suit their own individual circumstances before booking accommodation.

Students taking accommodation at both locations may be able to claim the cost of one accommodation back from the NHS, subject to the degree they are studying. More details about this can be found on the NHS Student Bursary website.

A free bus will be provided for Nursing and Midwifery students who have their base site registered as James Paget or West Suffolk Hospitals, taking you to and from the main campus in Ipswich on the days you need to attend. Details can be found in the Induction section of the Applicant Area about how to register to use this service.


Is parking available? / Can I bring my car?

We strongly recommend you do not bring your car with you if you will be living in accommodation, unless you require it to get to a placement which is part of your course.  Athena Hall, AXO Suffolk and the majority of accredited houses have no parking facilities available for residents.  Spring Court has limited secure off-road parking; additional charges may apply.  Due to the limited availability of parking, we would request that students keep this available for those students who require their own transportation in order to get to placements that form part of their degree.

If there are no car parking facilities available at the accommodation you are considering, you would be advised to make your own private car parking arrangements elsewhere or to consider alternative accommodation with parking facilities if you require your car to get to a placement that is a part of your course.  The University of Suffolk parking permit is for students (and staff) commuting in daily; students living in local student accommodation should not be leaving their car in the permit holder car parks (the University, the Wharf and Athena Hall car parks).

Ipswich is on good transport links; see the Find Us page of our website for more information.  We also encourage sustainable travel.

Paying for your Accommodation

How much does accommodation cost?

This will depend on the property and room.  Please take a look at each of the Accommodation property pages on this website for further advice and check out Suffolk Studentpad for all off-campus property information in one place.

The rental prices of any accommodation recommended by the University of Suffolk include utility bills and internet access (unless otherwise stated).

It is normal to expect to pay a deposit and advanced rent prior to moving into your accommodation.  The exact amount payable in advance will depend on the room and property you choose to book.  It is likely you will need to pay the deposit and advanced rent before the first instalment of student finance is due to you.  We strongly recommend that students plan for this and save for their deposit/advanced rent over the months leading up to the start of the tenancy agreement.


What do I need to pay upfront?

It is normal to pay a deposit/booking fee and period of advanced rent before being entitled to move in to the property, whether it is student accommodation or a private property.  The landlord will set the amount of deposit and advanced rent they require in advance; this may differ from property to property.  Once you have chosen a specific room, check with the landlord what you will need to pay upfront and when the payments will be due. 

Your first payment from Student Finance England will be due to you shortly after the start of your course (providing you are enrolled), so it is very likely that your deposit and advanced rent will be due before you receive this payment.  Please do not rely on your student finance to make your deposit/advanced rent payment wherever possible, as this could be delay your being able to move into the property, which may affect your ability to start attending lectures if your home address is not within a commutable distance.  There are many factors that might delay your student finance being paid to you, including late application (for course or finance), resitting exams or resubmitting coursework.  Plan in advance so you are able to make the payments when they are due, so you can move in when you want to. 

The more you can save towards your accommodation costs, the more of your student finance can stay in your bank account.

After You Have Booked Your Room

When can I move in?

Students are recommended to move into their accommodation the weekend before their Induction Week; this information will be made available on the Applicant Area of this website in the months prior to your course starting.  Sample timetables can be found on the course information pages of this website.

Moving into accommodation any sooner than this may make you liable for council tax up until the start of the course.  Your landlord should be able to provide you with council tax costs should you need to consider this.


What do I need to bring with me?

This may depend on the property you have chosen to live in, but usually students would need to bring pillows, duvet, bed linen, cutlery, crockery, pot, pans and cooking utensils.  It can help fight home-sickness if you bring a few personal items with meaning from home and maybe photos of friends and family.  Check with your landlord to see if there is anything specific that you will need to bring with you, or what they will supply.  Don’t forget to insure your possessions against theft and accidental damage.  The NUS recommends Endsleigh insurance for students.  Your landlord may offer some cover within your tenancy package, but seek additional cover if you require it.


Can I change rooms once I have moved in?

It is not always possible to change rooms once you have moved in, therefore it is important that you take the time to make the right decision on which room to book.  The landlord is under no obligation to allow you to move rooms and if they do allow it there may be an administrative charge.

How we can help you with accommodation

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