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About the Suffolk Business School

We have high expectations of our students. We recognise that your background and experience are unique, so we work with you individually to build your confidence and resilience. We insist on treating you as a professional from day one of your studies so that you develop into a switched-on, career-ready graduate who is able to make an immediate impact in your future career.

Suffolk is a hotbed of creativity and entrepreneurialism, and Ipswich has recently been voted the best place in the UK to start a new business. We believe there is no better place to study. We are at the heart of this burgeoning community, drawing entrepreneurs from across the county and further afield through events such as the annual Suffolk Business Festival, which is held on campus every autumn.

Throughout your degree you will have the opportunity to work with a range of businesses, from exciting new start-ups to multinational companies operating all over the world. Unlike many traditional institutions, we are fully embedded within our local community and the regional economy. We consider ourselves to be a leading partner in the development of tomorrow’s business leaders.

Our practitioner-led focus to learning and teaching is supported by a number of local employers.  Every year they support Suffolk Business School by sponsoring prizes covering areas such as the MHA Larking Gowen Award for Highest Achievement, The Suffolk Building Society Award for Best Overall Student, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce - Best Undergraduate Degree and Best Undergraduate Dissertation, Novotel Ipswich Award for Highest Achievement, Affinity PR Award, RJ Communications High Achievement Award, Journey Travelled Award and the Ron Shepherd Awards for Top Student and the Student Gaining the Most Development.  See below for a video of the Class of 2020 winners:

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