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About the School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Our School is all about making a difference to you and your world. This is reflected in the range of subjects we offer, covering undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study, and our focus on how to make life better and fairer.

Whatever your course, you will be part of an academic community which is exploring and defining how we understand human society and culture, and how we might make a positive contribution to its development. At Suffolk we always look at how ideas and theories explain and impact on ‘real life’. Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore, has commented that the University often explores issues others shy away from.

In our School you will not get lost in the crowd. We provide you with the support you need to thrive in your university life and beyond. Our students become resilient during their studies. The confidence, adaptability, creativity and courage they build with us means that they relish a rapidly changing world.

Why come to us?

  • Thrive in an environment that treats you as an individual
  • Enjoy in small classes that help you reach your potential and provide you with all the contact time you need
  • Learn from real academics rather than graduate students
  • Work together with academics who are passionate about sharing their expertise with you
  • Enjoy high quality courses (Most of our courses were awarded 90-100% for satisfaction in the 2019 NSS)
  • Engage with the world outside the university
  • Gain the employability skills and experience you need to succeed
  • Help us to make a difference in the world

Not all universities are the same.

We’re a modern, tight-knit university where you won’t get lost in the crowd. You will further your love of your subject and we know that, nationally, social science graduates have great job prospects.

Our School

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