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About the School of Psychology and Education

We aspire today to inspire tomorrow. We take a holistic view of psychology, care and education, with particular expertise in young people. Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge and skills for a successful career, whether you aspire to become a leader, manager, coordinator, teacher, early-years professional, entrepreneur, business owner or something else entirely.

Our School is well known on the international stage. We were the first institution to run the Early Childhood Studies degree programme in the UK, and we organise and host the biennial International Children and Childhood Conference. As experienced as we are passionate, we draw on our own research to support your learning and help you to explore your passions and interests. We are also hosting a Storytelling Conference aiming to bring together established academics, early career researchers, PhD candidates and students.

Our values are founded on the principle that education is for everyone. Education is a right, and has the potential to transform lives. We believe that children, young people and adults all deserve the right to a high-quality education as a foundation for a more secure future. We are committed to developing knowledge and skills that are transferable and necessary to succeed in a changing world.

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