Knowledge Exchange Funding Opportunities

We are committed to having a significant impact on the economy, society and wider world around us and have sought access to funding opportunities to enable us to do this effectively, whilst bringing back the expertise and insights from business and our community back into the University.

Perhaps you are an individual or SME looking to grow and develop a new product or service with experts at the cutting edge of research?

Perhaps you are a larger business seeking to increase your competitive advantage and annual profitability?

Perhaps you have an idea for a project but need additional skills, time and knowledge?

We have access to funding to help with any of the above and many more scenarios to support your business growth. Please see below three ways in which we can assist you.

Business Collaboration and Funding Opportunities



Boost your business through research and development support that can help launch new products and services by connecting SMEs to academic expertise and graduate talent.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Innovate UK KTP

Are you looking to innovate and grow your business? The KTP scheme helps businesses in the UK to innovate and grow by utilising Academic and Graduate expertise.  



The primary aim of EIRA is to stimulate economic activities within the area, for local businesses, focusing on  AI, Biotech and Digital and Creative industries.