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Institute for Social Justice & Crime - Gender & Sexual Minorities

Theme Description

The Gender and Sexual Minorities Theme has a distinctive focus on gender and sexuality. This includes – but is not limited to – social issues and inequalities amongst women and girls, gender minorities (trans and non-binary genders), sexual minorities (lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, etc.), and intersex communities. The Gender and Sexual Minorities theme is an interdisciplinary, collaborative research which applies an intersectional and inclusive approach to researching/theorising gender (experiences, performance, and expression), as well as gender/sexual disparities. We aim to improve community-based services using these insights.    


Theme Priorities

  • Examine disparities among gender and sexual minorities in terms of causes, experiences, and consequences 

  • Analyse the social conditions that create economic, cultural and social adversity and render gender and sexual minorities vulnerable to victimisation and oppression, including but not limited to criminal victimisation  

  • Theorise gender structures and identities, i.e., masculinities and femininities and gender diversity    

  • Understand the role of other social structures through various interdisciplinary theoretical frameworks such as intersectional, queer, and decolonial theories  

  • Envision an equitable, emancipatory, and inclusive future for gender and sexual minorities  


Theme Co-Leads

Dr Katherine Allen, Research Assistant, Institute for Social Justice & Crime

Dr Alina Rzepnikowska Phillips, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Politics