Institute for Social Justice and Crime - Themes

In 2021 the Institute for Social Justice and Crime became a pan university research institute, part of the research directorate. In September 2021 Professor Miranda Horvath started to lead the ISJ&C. Through consultations with academic staff at the University and external stakeholders 5 initial themes have been identified which will be the focus for developing specialism and excellence within the institute. Intersectionality, cross-theme collaboration and working is central to the institutes approach which will have dedicated staff to co-develop research work alongside the theme leadership teams. 

The Institute for Social Justice & Crime has five initial research themes: 

Trauma, Injustice, Violence & Abuse 

Childhoods, Children and Young People 

Gender and Sexual Minorities 

People, Justice and Security 

Global Majorities and Racial Justice

Trauma, Injustice, Violence & Abuse

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This theme is a re-embodiment of the Centre for Abuse Research (CARe). The transition from 'Centre' to 'Research Theme' is still in progress.

Childhoods, Children & Young People

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This theme will absorb and continue the work of the 'Centre for Children & Childhood Studies'. This transition is still in progress.

Gender & Sexual Minorities

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Previously known as the 'Gender & Sexual Minorities Research Interest Group', this theme will continue important work in this area within the Institute. 

People, Justice & Security

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Global Majorities & Racial Justice

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