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8 pieces of advice from third years



Starting university can make you feel a bit lost and it’s definitely one of more overwhelming things I’ve done. It’s really good if you have a bit of advice from older students, so lots of my third year friends have been pulling together some of their advice for being at uni.


Be organised

From the start, you’ll be expected to do your pre-reading, write up notes and get your assignments done. It’s time to get organised and remember that all your free time isn’t actually free time. Use your afternoons off to get some work done and keep the evenings free for your friends.

Being organised from the start means that you won’t suddenly be drowning in reading after 3 weeks.

Use the Students' Union opportunities

When I first started uni, I didn’t join any societies or social sport groups. Once I was in my second semester, I started to join more opportunities to meet new friends. Soon, I had friends from all years and courses. The Students' Union gives you lots of opportunities, not only in sports and societies, but also in part time jobs and course rep opportunities.

Join University group pages and chats

One of the best ways to find things out is by joining social media groups and pages. If there isn’t one for your course yet, start a group chat. It’s the best way to ask questions when you don’t understand things and discuss issues you might be having with others who can give you advice.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Asking questions and asking for help is just a normal part of university. In lectures, asking questions is encouraged, so if you don’t understand something, say so. It’s likely someone else also doesn’t understand, so you’ll be helping out your classmates if you check your understanding.

Use the services around uni

Careers, student services, the Students' Union are all services that you should use as much as you can around uni. You’ll have loads of support for your future after uni, so make the most of it while you can.

Get work experience

Even if you work just a few hours a week, get some work experience and some skills to put on your CV. Make use of the micro placements at uni or the Student Ambassador Scheme. The SU also runs assistant jobs for students.

Go to your lectures

Of course, you may not be able to make it once or twice, but try to make it to your lectures. Even if you’re going to be a few minutes late, try to get in. Things will make so much more sense when it comes to writing your assignments if you attend and participate in your lectures. Also, once you’re in the working world, it’s good to be in the habit of waking up on time.

Keep in contact with people

As you go through uni, you’ll make friends with older students. Keep in contact with them even after they graduate. They can give you advice on assignments, tips for keeping on top of work and generally re-assuring you about uni. After all, they’ve experienced it all.

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