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7 Useful Tips to stay Productive in the Dark


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During these darker days, many of us suffer with ‘winter blues’ or struggle to stay productive in the dark. Whether you suffer from S.A.D. or simply lack the motivation in winter, we need to acknowledge that our lifestyle has to change a bit in the winter. To battle away the winter blues and help keep your productivity levels up, here’s a few suggestions:

  • ‘Spring-clean’ in the Winter.

    Don’t slip into the cosy Christmas feels just yet! Give your house a good clean to help clear your mind of unimportant tasks. A tidy space (most of the time) equals a tidy mind.
  • Party hard, work later.

    The ‘winter blues’ occur for most people, because they feel that there isn’t enough time for themselves and their daily tasks. Prioritise yourself and spend most of your daylight hours socialising. This is only recommended if you can work in the night. If you can’t work in the night, make sure you have at least one day in the week to prioritise your social life.
  • Get out of the house!

    Try working in a different setting if you need to distance yourself from a cosy household. The library is a great and safe space to go at night, or even a local café might be open a little later than you think.
  • Keep your house as bright as possible.

    During this time, this tip will be a little tricky for most people. However there are alternatives to an expensive electricity bill. Focus on one room and one space, fill it with electric candles and battery-operated lights (these can be fairy lights or lamps). This will help keep the costs down but the brightness up. And if you’re using a laptop, try to set it at the same brightness level as the other lights around as this will help make it feel as if you’re working in the day.
  • Set goals.

    You don’t need to wait for New Years Eve to set out your goals. Instead of relating the ‘end of the day’ with the sun setting, relate it to a list of reasonable tasks that you set yourself each day.
  • Don’t study in bed!

    I know that the bed looks super comfy, and you promise that you will work… don’t do it! With the darkness and that cosy bed, you’ll simply want to fall asleep.
  • Schedule your daylight hours.

    If you find that you really can’t work in the dark and all else fails, schedule the hours in the daylight that you do have. There are roughly 6 hours of ‘good’ daylight to organise your tasks, delegate what you can do in the dark and what you need to do with daylight. Make your time work for you.

Hopefully these tips can help you stay productive this winter.