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6 ways to eat healthily a budget


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Healthy eating is often associated with cost; lots of fresh foods, buying from expensive shops and spending loads of time looking at recipes and using obscure ingredients.

However, there’s lots of ways to have your favourite meals and be healthy all on a budget. Here’s six of my best tips.


Frozen fruit and veg

Frozen fruit and veg is cheaper than fresh and not all that different. It means you can keep it for much longer, so for a student living on their own, it’s perfect. Nothing is wasted at the end of the day and you can pick out what you want at any time.

Keep leftovers

Whatever you don’t eat for dinner, put it in the fridge for your lunch the next day. If you make a big meal, freeze some for an easy dinner another day. This is great for when you have a long day and don’t want to bother with cooking.

Bulk up with pulses

To make a cheaper meal, substitute all or half your meat for beans or lentils. They’re probably even more filling. They’re really cheap and will count towards your 5 a day.

Plan your meals

Planning ahead means you know exactly what you need from your weekly shop. This will help against distractions of things you don’t actually need. If you shop online, you’ll also be able to see how much you’re spending and it’s much easier to stay within your budget.

Shop at the end of the day

At the end of the day, supermarkets tend to mark down products close to their use by date such as bread and meat. These are products you can freeze, so you’ll save money and get some healthy meals out of it.

Cook from scratch

It might seem easier to buy pre-made sauces or ready-made meals. These are probably really eating into your budget. With a little extra time and some planning, you can make all your meals from scratch if you look for a good recipe.


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