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5 useful things to do as procrastination


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With deadlines coming up, it’s easy to sometimes procrastinate. Taking a bit of time off from studying is OK, and sometimes procrastinating in the right way can make you more productive. Here’s five useful things to do if you find yourself procrastinating.

Learn something new

We’ve all seen TED Talk’s and there’s some really good ones out there. The best thing is, these are only about 10 minutes long, so watching one is a good way to learn something new while productively procrastinating. You might want to learn something new by doing an activity, so try out Khan Academy or Duolingo to learn something new.

Clean something

Does your bathroom need cleaning or your bedroom hoovering? These quick tasks will make a whole load of difference as you study, especially if you clean up your desk. Working in a clean space makes a load of difference to your work, so give it a try next time you find your mind wandering.

Back up your files

We should all do this every so often, so if you want something different to do, back up your photos, documents and other files so that you don’t lose them. This is a super quick task, but will give your mind the break it needs before you go back to working on your assignments.

Clean out your inbox

We all love getting to Inbox zero, so if you want to do something productive, go through all your emails and delete what you don’t need. Catch up on the things you’ve missed and organise what you need to follow up on.

Choose a new wallpaper

This is just a two minute task, but freshening up your laptop screen will bring you a fresh mind-set. Find a new wallpaper; change some of the colours and layout on your screen to make it new and exciting to work on.


Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

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