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5 Reasons Why I Love Studying English and Creative Writing


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I am a second-year student and I could not be happier with the subject I chose. Many others on my course share this opinion as shown in the Guardian University Guide 2022, where our English course ranked 8th in the country! Let me tell you some reasons as to why: 

1. The lecturers are incredibly helpful. 

We have a fantastic team of people on our course who are more than happy to help with any problem. There is always someone to read your work, answer an email or even help you find a writing opportunity. They truly care about their students and our work. We have Talking Shop Tuesday where a range of professionals are brought in to give advice, which is incredibly helpful and fun!  

2. The reading for every module is varied.  

I can personally guarantee that you will have at least one piece of writing you know and one piece that you will fall in love with every module. I had never heard of Carmen Maria Machado and now I can’t get enough of her work! But I also got to study a classic favourite of mine thanks to Emily Bronte. There is a huge variety of genres and authors to study and it feels good to learn something different every day.  

3. Share interesting opinions.  

You get to talk with both your lecturers and fellow classmates about your own opinions and you can debate or discuss freely in class.! Most of the time there is no wrong answer and it’s really interesting to hear new takes on the work you’ve read. I’d advise to get talking in the class - it is very helpful!  

4. Learn about new writing skills.  

Reading another person’s work does more for your own writing than you think it would. Finding new styles you’re interested in is incredibly inspiring and a great opportunity to mix up your own writing. You also get to identify lots of different writing techniques you may have never seen before and try to embed them within your own work. 

5. Feedback on your projects.  

Getting a friend or family member to read your stuff is great, but when classmates and lecturers read your work, you get amazing detailed feedback with lots of suggestions. Listening to advice from fellow writers and readers is really helpful and just interesting to see how other people perceive your work. Let’s say you use a metaphor in your work but no one picks up on it, you then know to adapt this metaphor to be more clear.

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