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2017 Exhibition listings


Noel Bowler

Waterfront Gallery

18 Sept - 27 Oct

Noel Bowler’s expansive project ‘Union’ looks at the spaces of organised labour.

‘Union’ explores the meeting rooms and back offices at the coalface of the ideological war between labour and capital that has shaped our lives since the industrial revolution.

Mostly unpeopled, these interior spaces are quietly revealing. Some organisations occupy the simplest of functional spaces, others confidently demonstrate their rootedness within the established order of things, their spaces echoing the board rooms of corporate power. There is lightness of touch, too. The ZNP Union of Polish Teachers will convene in what is, in every sense, a classroom, complete with blackboard; while at The Brotherhood of Teamsters in Washington DC even the chairs huddle in conference.

“It’s heartening to spend time with Bowler's quietly anchored work, to recognise the value and richness of all these sustained labours and understand that there are still sharp minds and strong hands ready to navigate difficult waters” – Ken Grant, Writter/Photographer

Made over a 5-year period in trade union offices in 14 countries, the photographs offer us a glimpse into the places where the decisions and policies that affect so many are created. Bowler gives us a unique insight into the pressures and challenges facing unions in this era of political and economic uncertainty, radical changes in traditional work practices and increased worker insecurity. The work of the Union movement has never been so relevant for so many throughout Ireland and the world. This timely work continues Bowler’s ongoing consideration of the political forces that shape our world, reflected through the organisation of social space.


Ipswich Maritime 35th Aniversary Exhibition

Waterfront Foyer

4 Oct - 11 Oct

This exhibition is organised by Ipswich Maritime Trust and explores the vision for St. Peter’s Dock. 

Reg Snook St Peter's Dock 2017 (2) copy.jpg

St Peters dock Ipswich

Image of St Peters dock Ipswich

St Peters Dock beside Stoke Bridge is the birthplace and heart of England's oldest town, so it couldn't be a more historic location. Sadly it lies forgotten and neglected, but the Ipswich Maritime Trust believes that it should be brought back to life as a Heritage Harbour.  

In 1982 the Trust prepared a Vision plan for what the then disused Wet Dock might look like in the 21st century. Since then, the Waterfront has been totally transformed, with many of those early ideas fulfilled, but now we believe a new Vision is required to show how St. Peter’s dock, too, could be brought back to use, and so help link the Waterfront to the town centre.  

The Trust has commissioned Reg Snook to create a colour illustration of what St Peter's Dock might look like.  Pedestrian access to the water, the flood wall enhanced by trees and a promenade, and historic craft tied up alongside.  

The Vision plans, together with historic photographs, will be on display at our 35th birthday exhibition in the Waterfront Building Foyer from Tuesday 3 October -Wednesday 11.

Anna Airy

17 Nov - 29 Nov

Waterfront Gallery and Foyer

The University is deighted to work in collaboration with Ipswich Arts Society to host the Anna Airy


Image of Anna Airy

Image of Anna Airy first female war artist and first female president of Ipswich Arts Society.

2017 Exhibition and Awards. The exhibition features works from artists aged 16 - 20 and is named in memory of Anna Airy. 

The exhibition has run since 1964 to promote young and emerging talent. It attracts well over a hundred of entries from schools and colleges in the area. It will be opened to the public from the 18 November and will be closing 29 November 2017. The private view will be held on 18 November.

Carol Gant, Arts Curator at The University of Suffolk, said, 'We are delighted to host the Anna Airy Award Exhibition 2017, showcasing the wealth of emerging artistic talent among young people within our region. Organised by the Ipswich Art Society, the exhibition is aimed specifically at young artists and we look forward to receiving this year’s entries.'

The Award Fund was set up in 1965 in memory of Anna Airy (1882-1964) . She was one of the most distinguished painters of her generation with work represented in many major national collections. During the First World War she was appointed an official war artist. For 19 years she was President of Ipswich Art Club (as the Ipswich Art Society was then called).Anna Airy was also regarded as a brilliant and inspirational teacher by her students at Ipswich School of Art and, in the Art Club’s Annual Exhibition, she always included a ‘student section’ to give younger artists a chance to exhibit their work in the public setting of agallery. The Society has continued the tradition by arranging independent exhibitions of students’ work in association with schools, colleges and the University.



BA ( Hons) Photography 

6 Dec - 26 Jan

More details to follow



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