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2017 Exhibition listings

Robert Priseman

13 January - 24 February 2017 

Red Lake High School, Pencil and Crayon on Paper, 12 x 18 cm, 2015,300 web.jpg

Red Lake School drawing by Robert Priseman, 2015 pencil and crayon

Red Lake School drawing by Robert Priseman, 2015 pencil and crayon

The university is delighted to present this exhibition by Robert Priseman . 

Robert is an artist who has spent the past decade exploring the darker side of human nature in an effort to expose its gentler and more understanding heart. Believing that fundamentally we are all kind and share a desire to help each other, the thought that we can also be cruel, destructive and vindictive is a great mystery to him. Fueled by the desire to understand what motivates us to behave in the ways we do Robert has tackled subjects in his paintings as wide ranging as the Holocaust, suicide and civil war. 

Building on these previous series Robert now presents a selection of new works looking at the phenomena of high school shootings in the USA. 


Steve Joyce


5 March - 26 March 2017

Steve is an artist and lecturer who works both independently and collaboratively on arts projects. He has recently completed his MA at Colchester Institute and is currently artists in residency at the university where he has devloped a series of prints that relate to theories about the deluge of images that are the condition of our technological age, notions about 'the Copy' and how that might be considered in different ways.

He has written a blog about about the development, the ideas and the interactions with others during the residency which is avialble at Simulacrum an artists residency

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À la recherché du punks perdu

4 April – 15 May 2017

debbie and david.jpg

Photograph of Debbie Harry and David Bowie, photograph by Chris Stein

Photograph of Debbie Harry and David Bowie, photograph by Chris Stein

An exhibition of photographs by Chris Stein and Eddie Duggan with printed ephemera from the collection of Professor Teal Triggs.

Chris Stein is a founder member of the iconic band Blondie.  Chris’s most recent book, Negative: Me, Blondie and the Advent of Punk offers an eclectic selection of photographs of the rare and wonderful characters who populated the art and music scene of the 1970s and 1980s.  The selection of images shown here were previously shown at the exhibition at Somerset House, marking both the 40th anniversary of Blondie and the launch of Negative. Negative was a 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award finalist (Performing Arts & Music (Adult Non-Fiction)).

Eddie Duggan is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Suffolk. His photographs of the burgeoning music scene in late 1970s London have been published in the UK music press (NME, Record Mirror, Sounds), fanzines (Sniffin’ Glue, Live Wire), The New York Times’ Sunday magazine and books including Teal Triggs’ Fanzines and Paul Marko’s The Roxy, London WC2: A Punk History. Some of the images exhibited here are being shown in public for the first time.

Professor Teal Triggs is Associate Dean of the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art.  She is an educator, historian and writer whose research focuses primarily on graphic design history, design research methods, self-publishing and feminism. Teal’s publications include: Roger Sabin and Teal Triggs (2001) Below Critical Radar: Fanzines and Alternative Comics from 1976 to Now; Teal Triggs (2010) Fanzines and Teal Triggs and Leslie Atzmon eds (2017) The Graphic Design Reader.


Giles Duley, Legacy of War

25 May - 21 May 

Suffolk Refugee Support and the University of Suffolk are pleased to present an exhibition of images by internationally acclaimed documentary photographer Giles Duley, depicting the experiences of refugees fleeing war. The exhibition will be on display in the University’s Waterfront Building from 25 April-21 May.

The images form part of Legacy of War, a five-year photographic project in collaboration with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) exploring the long-term effects of conflict globally.

In 2011, Giles Duley was working in Afghanistan when he stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED). He was severely injured, losing both legs and an arm. He has since redoubled his efforts to document the stories of civilians caught up in conflict situations.

Arts and Humanities 2017 End of Year Show

2 June – 9 June 2017

The Department of Arts and Humanities are proud to be hosting the annual End of Year Show in the Arts Building, Waterfront Building and the Waterfront Gallery at the University of Suffolk. You are invited to share in the celebration of our graduates’ achievements and we look forward to presenting work from the following courses:

•           BA (Hons) Computer Games Design

•           BA (Hons) Dance

•           BA (Hons) English

•           BA (Hons) Digital Film Production

•           BA (Hons) Fine Art

•           BA (Hons) Graphic Design

•           BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Graphic Illustration)

•           BA (Hons) History

•           BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

•           BA (Hons) Photography

Dr Lisa Wade, Head of Arts and Humanities welcomes you to enjoy the End of Year Show at the university in 2017:

2017 will mark our very first End of Year Show as the now independent University of Suffolk.  As we come to the close of our first academic year as a brand new institution we are once again delighted to offer our students the opportunity to showcase their creativity and achievements and for you to experience their works here on campus.  Students and staff from our wide ranging discipline areas look forward to welcoming you to the event this summer.

Immediacy of Paint; Surface

26 June – 21 July 2017

This exhibition focuses and explores the surface of painting and its material status . The materiality of paint and the immateriality of the screen, both used to simulate  reality, leads us to ask what is surface? This exhibition is supported by a symposium on the 7 July.

Symposium :What does surface imply in contemporary painting?

Immediacy of Paint: Surface is to be a one day event asking how artists are currently reflecting on and reacting to the surface of painting in the digital age.  The is second in a new series of symposium organised by [Paint Symposium ]  to deliver a series of talks and a panel discussion reflecting upon contemporary ideas surrounding painting in the digital age by renowned artists and academics.

More details can be found at


MA Fine Art Degree Show 2017

1 August – 9 Sept

More details to follow









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