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10 activities for under £10



As a student, we’re always looking for ways to save money. So if you’re looking for an evening out with friends or a weekend activity for the kids, here’s some great activities to do in Ipswich for under £10.


At Superbowl Ipswich, you can get 2 games for £7.95 with a Student ID. This is great for a group of friends, especially if you’re quite competitive!

Ninja tag

With 1 game for £5.50 or 2 games for £9.50, this is the way to see who can get the most points while completing all the obstacles.

Visit Suffolk

If you haven’t explored Suffolk yet, it’s really cheap to do this by train. You can get tickets to Woodbridge or Bury St Edmunds for under £10 (and it’s even cheaper with a Railcard).


There’s plenty of museums around Ipswich to visit on a Saturday. Whether you go to Christchurch Mansion or Ipswich Museum, they’re all free, so take a look around and find out more about the area.


Rollerworld is in Colchester (easy to get to by train) and hosts nights such as Rollerdisco as cheap as £7.90.


Ipswich is really lucky to have so many parks in the area, and these are great if you want a break from your studies or a change of scenery. Christchurch Park, Holywells Park and Landseer Park are just a few within walking distance from the campus.

Pub Quiz

Lots of pubs hold pub quizzes weekly or monthly, so why not give it a try with your friends? Great for bonding and a great way to end the day.

Trampoline Park

Bounce Ipswich offers 1 hour of activities for £9.99 at its Trampoline Park. This is a fun activity for adults and kids alike, and a good way to let off a bit of steam during deadlines.


A healthy way to spend a couple of hours is to go swimming. Crown Pools is a recently renovated family pool, offers swimming for £3.05 for students.

Game night

You can’t go wrong with a night in with friends. Get a couple of games, some snacks and drinks, and have a board game night together. There’s loads of games you can play, even with just a pack of cards.

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