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Welcome to the Suffolk Research Blog

The Suffolk Research Blog is a space for all research-active staff and anyone else interested in maximising research impact in any discipline to share their current work. 

Our research makes a real difference to people’s lives and influences policy and society as well as informing the teaching that we deliver. The blog will showcase news, research events, good practice, and the latest research at the University of Suffolk.

If you would like to contribute or have ideas for the blog, please contact the Suffolk Research Blog Team at We warmly welcome research-focused contributions.

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Suffolk.

The Suffolk Research Blog has been supported by the University of Suffolk Foundation Board.

10 December 2019   - Olumide
Written by Sian Cook. According to the UK Consumer Digital Index 2019 (CDI) approximately 11.9 million adults, 22% of the UK population, lack essential digital skills needed to benefit from the digital world (see Figure 1). A further 6 million adults (11%) cannot turn on a ...
10 December 2019   - Sue
Written by Jennifer Coe and Dr Rachel Grenfell-Essam. We are excited to announce that the University of Suffolk has recently launched a new student journal – the Journal of Suffolk Student Research.What is the Journal of Suffolk Student Research?The ...
19 November 2019   - Olumide
Written by Dr Katherine Allen. Photo credits: Sadie/University of SuffolkAs a freshly appointed staff member, attending the ‘Safety Nets Re-imagined’ conference on the 5 November 2019 was, in equal measures, an inspiring, energising and sobering introduction to my new role.Before ...
30 June 2019   - Olumide
Written by Prof Emma Bond, Prof Andy Phippen, and Katie Tyrrell. University responsibilities for online safeguarding are only recently becoming recognised across the sector, even though more general safeguarding responsibilities have been long established. The launch of the Universities UK (...
14 December 2018   - Olumide
Written by Andreea Tocca, Dr Olumide Adisa, and Katie Tyrell. The University of Suffolk was selected to take part in this year’s Festival of Social Science, run by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Now in its sixteenth ...
4 September 2018   - Olumide
Written by Professor Mark Reed (introduction by Dr Olumide Adisa). As a new academic year begins, it seems like the perfect time to curate an overdue blog on writing a strong impact summary for research projects.I have chosen this ...
8 February 2018   - Olumide
Written by Professor Emma Bond. As our university’s newly appointed Director of Research, it is a tremendous privilege to be invited to hew the first stone for our new research blog. Even at this early stage of our university’...