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Welcome to the Suffolk Research Blog

The Suffolk Research Blog is a space for all research-active staff and anyone else interested in maximising research impact in any discipline to share their current work. 

Our research makes a real difference to people’s lives and influences policy and society as well as informing the teaching that we deliver. The blog will showcase news, research events, good practice, and the latest research at the University of Suffolk.

If you would like to contribute or have ideas for the blog, please contact the Suffolk Research Blog Team at We warmly welcome research-focused contributions.

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Suffolk.

The Suffolk Research Blog has been supported by the University of Suffolk Foundation Board.

28 June 2018   - Olumide
Written by Craig Martin. Often students and academics contact us in the Department of Learning Services to ask what we can do to support researchers, either for a PhD, dissertation project or personal academic research. In this blog, I hope ...
7 June 2018   - Olumide
Written by Kelly-Marie Taylor, Vanessa Rawlings, and Katie Tyrrell. Recently we welcomed the return of our colleague Teresa Sofia Castro from Portugal to share her postdoctoral journey. She first visited Ipswich in 2014 as part of her PhD in children and ...
23 May 2018   - Olumide
Written by Dr Suzanne Nolan. In July 2018, the University of Suffolk will host the Storytelling Conference, a two-day event dedicated to the use of storytelling in research. Narrative methodologies have long been part of the qualitative researchers' toolkit, and we, ...
9 May 2018   - Olumide
Written by Teresa Sofia Pereira Dias de Castro. In 2014, I undertook an international research internship during my PhD at the University of Suffolk (at the time it was known as University Campus Suffolk) under the supervision of Professor Emma Bond. ...
21 March 2018   - Olumide
There is growing attention across a range of disciplines to storytelling. As a research design method, storytelling can help make sense of complex interconnected aspects of life events. In some settings, storytelling can be a flexible tool for narrative knowing ...