Spring Court

Spring Court was purpose built for our students. Situated on Spring Road it is within walking distance of both the Ipswich campus (15-minutes) and the Ipswich Hospital (20-minutes).

This property is under new management and we hope to share more information about this shortly. The property features standard rooms in shared flats. Secure off-road parking is available (additional charges apply).

This property is available to students in any year of study but may be of particular interest to:

  • Continuing students
  • Students looking for more independent living
  • Student friendship groups looking to live together
  • Students on a budget
  • Close to the Ipswich Hospital
  • Students looking for secure off-road parking so they can use their own transport to get to the course placements.
  • Students who do not wish to live in on-campus halls
  • Students looking for a smaller scale of halls

Spring Court


2-7 single occupancy bedrooms per flat. Each flat has a shared bathroom or shower room, and shared kitchen/living area; flats with six or more bedrooms have additional kitchen and bathroom facilities. Each bedroom is furnished with a bed, bedside cabinet, chest of drawers, wardrobe, study desk and chair, and curtains or window blind.

Secure off-road parking is available (for an additional charge) and may benefit those students who need their car for transport to placements.


  • Self-catered
  • All standard bedrooms
  • Utility bills and WiFi included in the rent
  • 48 week tenancies available, including Christmas and Easter periods.  Shorter tenancies may be available on request.
  • Secure key entry to the flat and bedroom
  • 24 hour emergency number
  • Kitchen and bathroom facilities shared between no more than 5 people
  • TV license required for any of your own devices you use to watch TV as it is broadcast or BBC i-Player
  • Bike storage
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the building
  • Secure off-road parking (additional charges apply)
  • Outdoor area

Room Type Tenancy Length Weekly Rental Total Rental
Room in a 2-bed flat 48 weeks £135 £6,480
Room in a 3-bed flat 48 weeks £126 £6,048
Room in a 4-bed flat 48 weeks £120 £5,760
Room in a 5-7 bed flat 48 weeks £120 £5,760

There is a deposit of £300 on all tenancies. The above tenancies are aimed at September starters. For students starting a course in January/February, or deciding to take accommodation part way through the academic year should contact the new property manager (details to follow) to enquire further.

We strongly recommend you request and read a tenancy agreement, booking terms and conditions and cancellation policy before making a booking.

It is likely you will need to pay the deposit and advanced rent before the first instalment of student finance is due to you. We strongly recommend that students plan for this and save for their deposit/advanced rent over the months leading up to the start of the tenancy agreement.

Spring Court is managed by a private company (details to follow). There is no legal connection with the University of Suffolk. It is your responsibility to understand and agree/sign the tenancy agreement and to determine the suitability of the accommodation depending on your needs and your ability to pay the rent. You should not sign a tenancy agreement with any accommodation provider until you are completely happy with your choice.

The information provided here is purely for guidance. All tenancy details should be discussed direct with the accommodation provider.

Please check the cancellation policy with Student First before committing to a room, this should advise what will happen if you book a room and wish to cancel it. Check if you will be released from the tenancy agreement if you do not meet the conditions of your offer at the University of Suffolk; please note it might not be possible to cancel if you decide you no longer wish to live there or have secured a place at a different university. For this reason, you are advised to only book once you are certain you have made the right choice for you. If you are selecting the University of Suffolk as your insurance choice, you are advised not to book a room unless you decide to study here.

If you are bringing a TV set or watching TV as it is broadcast on any device include a laptop or mobile phone, you will require your own TV licence. This includes downloading or watching BBC programmes on demand — including catch up TV — on BBC iPlayer.  For more information please see the TV Licensing website.

This property is not suitable for families with children. Pets are not permitted in the accommodation. Smoking is not permitted inside the accommodation. Limited secure off-road parking is available, additional charges apply.

Spring Court is managed independently of the University of Suffolk (details of new owners to follow shortly). Please contact them direct for any additional information you require or questions you may have about their property or tenancy agreement. You can also make arrangements to view the building. You will find their property advertised and contact details on our off-campus accommodation portal: Suffolk Studentpad.

To book a tenancy for a course starting in September, please see Suffolk Studentpad for available options. For courses starting at any other time of year or for tenancies starting part way through the course please call or email Student First direct to enquire.

Please make sure you request and read the booking terms and conditions, and sample tenancy agreement carefully before you book a room.

Not sure if Spring Court is for you? Visit the Accommodation Advice section to learn more about the other accommodation we recommend.

Landlords/managing agents of recommended and accredited accommodation may need to confirm with the University of Suffolk your applicant/student status before offering you a tenancy, and similarly to confirm continued student status throughout the term of your tenancy agreement. By choosing to live in this property you are agreeing to this exchange of information taking place.

By taking out a tenancy in recommended and accredited accommodation you will also be agreeing to allow the University of Suffolk to request student occupancy details from the landlords/managing agents for the purpose of producing statistical analysis reports.

Spring Court student bedroom
Spring Court student kitchen
Spring Court student bathroom
Spring Court sofa area