Publication Scheme

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the University of Suffolk has to ensure that it makes certain information publicly available through a Publication Scheme. This scheme is a clear and structured way of presenting all of the information that it is obligated to provide.

Legal Framework

How the institution is organised

Location and Contact Details

Student Activities

  • University of Suffolk Students' Union. Pre-incorporation, constitution is available on Union website. Post-incorporation, memorandum and articles of association and bye-laws also available on the Union website.

Budgetary and account information

Staff pay and grading structures

Register of suppliers

  • The University's list of contracted suppliers contains commercially sensitive information. If you would like more details about this document, please follow Freedom of Information Act guidelines.

Procurement and tender procedures and reports


Summary of contracts that have gone through formal tender process:

  • The University publishes details of contracts that are of sufficient size to have gone through a formal tendering process in compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations. This information is available on request subject to exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Corporate Strategies and Plans

Our strategy is one that will guide us for the next ten years. The Vision document is underpinned by the four overarching strategies which in turn are supported by the five enabling strategies.  The Board of Directors oversees the mission and all of the strategies via the operational plan.

Vision for Change

Transforming lives and our region - our strategy and vision 2020-2030

Our strategy is one that will guide us for the next ten years. We believe that regardless of fads and fashions that come and go, governments and policies that change, and global crises such as the current pandemic that is unprecedented as an event in modern times, the benefits of education remain constant to our students, our community and our world. The University of Suffolk is committed to providing high quality education and research that makes an impact, transforming lives, and this does not waver.

Overarching Strategies

Enabling Strategies

  • Marketing and Communications Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Estate Strategy
  • People and Organisational Development
  • Financial Strategy

Corporate Relations

Enterprise documents and statements - Links with employers and development of the learning programme

Government and regulatory reports

  • Quality Manual

External reviews and inspections - accreditation and monitoring reports by professional, statutory or regulatory bodies (PSRBs).

Find out more about how the University complies with the UK General Data Protection Regulations (UK GDPR). Requests for information contained in minutes and proceedings should be made to the FoIA Coordinator using the Information Request Form.

View our policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities.

Information regarding property owned or occupied by the University of Suffolk is available on request subject to exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.



  • Much of the information the University has traditionally shared through a prospectus is made available online, through this website. To request copies of publications for specific markets, such as undergraduate, postgraduate or international, please email

Services for outside bodies

  • Course sponsorship

Services for which the university is entitled to recover a fee

Sports and recreational facilities


Conference facilities

Advice and guidance (including careers, chaplaincy, health, and welfare and counselling)

The University of Suffolk and the University of Suffolk Students Union have worked together to develop a Student Charter.

The University of Suffolk is committed to being a student-centred higher education institution that strives to provide its students with the highest standards in teaching and learning, as well as high quality support and advice. The University of Suffolk Student Charter demonstrates this commitment, outlining what students can expect from staff at University of Suffolk, as well as what can be reasonably expected in return.

The Charter has been approved by Senate and the Executive Team and is kept under annual review.