Board of Directors Trustee Information

The members of the Board are trustees of the University of Suffolk charity. The names of the trustees at 31 January 2023 are listed below, together with other charities of which each member is also a trustee.

Mark Pendlington: (Chair) also trustee of St Edmundsbury Cathedral CIO

Professor Helen Langton (Vice-Chancellor): also trustee of AdvanceHE

Chris Bally: trustee of no other charities

Dr Jennifer Barnes: trustee of no other charities

Steve Clarke: also trustee of Dementia UK and Young Dementia UK

Professor Mohammad Dastbaz: also trustee of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and Children's Endeavour Trust

Dr Pauline Essah: also trustee of TReND in Africa

Alex Gooch: (Student Representative): also trustee of University of Suffolk Students' Union

Dr Sara Hurley: also trustee of Global Child Dental Fund

Judith Krone: trustee of no other charities

Jennifer Leeder: trustee of no other charities

Sean Preston: (Staff Representative) trustee of no other charities  

Bishop Martin Seeley: also trustee of

  • Bishop Of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Trust Fund,
  • Friends of St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Ipswich School,
  • King Edward VI School,
  • the Suffolk Clergy Charity,
  • St Edmundsbury And Ipswich Diocesan Board Of Finance and the Charity of Annie Maria Berry.

Andrew Smith: trustee of no other charities

Paul Winter MBE: trustee of no other charities

Tim Greenacre (Board Secretary): trustee of no other charities


This will be reviewed next on 31 January 2024.