Jack Burman

Audio Visual Technical Learning Instructor

Learning and Teaching

Jack is an accomplished professional working as the Audio Visual Technician supporting the BA (Hons) Digital Film Production course, managing its equipment and facilities. His expertise in audio-visual technology and passion for filmmaking has made him an asset in the academic environment, Jack completed a BA (Hons) Digital Film Production degree (2017 – 2020) at the University of Suffolk.

With an impressive background, Jack had the privilege of working alongside Oscar winning Sound Mixer, Simon Hayes, on the set of Wicked: Part One, a production that boasted a star-studded cast including Ariana Grande, Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Yeoh. This invaluable experience allowed Jack to witness first-hand the intricacies of filmmaking at the highest level, solidifying his commitment to delivering exceptional results in his work.

Beyond his work on major film productions, Jack extends his talents to collaborate with local athletes such as Frankie Davey and the current British Heavyweight Champion Fabio Wardley. By leveraging his skills in video editing, Jack helps these athletes enhance their social media content, ensuring they engage with their audience in a compelling and dynamic manner.

In addition to his practical experience, Jack is an AVID Certified Instructor and Specialist in industry standard software Media Composer and Pro Tools. This certification attests to his deep knowledge and proficiency in these tools, enabling him to provide expert guidance and support to students and colleagues alike.

Whether he is supporting aspiring filmmakers at the university or working on major film productions, Jack’s comprehensive skill set and passion for his work make him an invaluable asset. By harnessing his expertise, students and collaborators can achieve remarkable results in the ever-evolving world of audio-visual storytelling.